November 12, 2012

Nas Performance at Upstate Concert Hall: 'Upstate State of Mind'

Nas | Clifton Park Concerts | Saratoga Millennial
Hip Hip legend Nas performs at Upstate Concert Hall for the first time
Hundreds of fans packed in Upstate Concert Hall Friday night, dancing, singing, and getting, um, “up” to the one and only Nas!

While the Brooklyn born, Queens native may have thought he was still in Albany  since the performance was originally scheduled to go on at The Armory (15 shout outs to Albany vs. 0 for Clifton Park); the 39-year-old rapper hit the stage at 10:15 p.m. and immediately turned the concert into a party by belting out classic hits like “New York State of Mind” and “If I ruled the world.”

Compared to the other locations on Nas's tour, Clifton Park matches up with venues in major metropolitan areas like New York City and Chicago. 

Because of this, fans were within 100 feet of the performer at all times; getting a great, clear view of the show the whole night.

Nas Performs at Upstate Concert Hall | Clifton Park Concerts | Saratoga Millennial
"It feels like I am back home, or when I was first starting out in the clubs," Nas said.

"It's the best and there's nothing like dropping beats that everyone knows and hearing the crowd erupt 'cause it's like, "that's my song!"

What's unique about Nas is how he performs with a full band, opposed to just a DJ. 

"I've always preferred performing with a band," said Nas. 

"It makes the whole atmosphere different, ya know. Makes the music come alive, makes the fans feel what I am trying to do."

You can check out more information on Nas performing at Upstate Concert Hall or view his live performance of "New York State of Mind" and "If I Ruled The World" below:

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