November 6, 2012

A Message From The Editor: Saratoga Millennials...VOTE!!!

The Millennial Vote | Saratoga Springs Events | Saratoga Millennial
The Millennial Vote impacts local and national elections
It's Election Day across the United States and since it is the Millennial Generation who defines our country's future, MAKE SURE YOU GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

As someone who has worked closely within political campaigns, it is extremely disheartening to hear when someone refuses to vote because of apathy, especially when it comes from one of my peers. 

At a time where information and history can be found within three seconds or less, just with the touch of a finger, the true and earnest value of voting and the influence that the individual does have on a greater cause, sometimes gets lost in the noise and chatter.

Your vote does matter and it has a significant presence in both local and national elections.

If you're a Saratoga Millennial and this is your first or second election, be proud of the opportunity that you have today!
If it wasn't for you, today's political campaigns would not come automatic with various social media profiles like Facebook, which connect citizens with their candidates and their platforms in a completely new way!

You're also responsible for driving popularity to Twitter, which played a significant role in the rise of the Arab Spring and Egypt declaring its own political freedom.

Saratoga County Presidential Election 2012 | Saratoga Springs Events | Saratoga Millennial
Make sure you get out and vote today!!!
The questions from Youtube that are now played in Presidential Primary's are a result of your presence and the way you have transformed public and mass communication.

Over 23 millions Americans under the age of 30 voted in the 2008 Presidential Election and together we brought in, if nothing else, this country's first African-American President.

Whether you are voting Democrat, Republican, Independent, or any other political party, it doesn't matter!

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